This Week’s Top 4

Hello, everybody! Hope you had an awesome weekend – mine was quite relaxing 🙂 Now let’s start off the week with a few interesting links!

1. I am totally loving the two-toned frosting on these Banana Chocolate Swirl Cupcakes – definitely adds a bit of glam!

2. For some reason, I’m fascinated with interesting takes on caprese this summer. You may recall that I shared a list from Buzzfeed a few weeks ago with almost 40 caprese dishes, and I came across another one that I think is great: Caprese Mac and Cheese!

3. I’m definitely a coffee drinker, but I usually keep it simple with a regular cup of plain, hot coffee. When I do decide I want to try a fancier beverage, I usually just pick something without understanding entirely what it is (machiatto? cappuccino? Who knows…). I figured it was about time to learn the differences between coffee beverages, and this guide from The Kitchn is definitely helpful!

4. I’m really trying to embrace the end of summer, but I just can’t stop thinking about fall! I would love to try making something like this “decorative leaf pie crust” soon.