This Week’s Top 4

Hello, everyone! I hope you’ve all been having a nice week. I’m back again with a few more interesting finds from around the web, so let’s take a look!

1. I always love reading about new uses for things youhave lying around the house, and this list of 19 Totally Ingenious Ways To Use Empty Food And Drink Containers from Buzzfeed definitely has some good ideas! I’m especially a fan of #3.

2. I’ve officially moved from D.C., and since I knew I probably wouldn’t be back for a while, I made sure to have as much good D.C. food as possible before I left. While I definitely enjoyed myself, I need to get my eating habits back to normal now, which is why I loved these 8 Tips To Detox Without Fasting, Juicing, Or Restricting. You don’t need to go overboard to get yourself back on track!

3. I can’t believe it, but some of the leaves are already starting to change colors in New England. It’s making me think about fun fall activities, and this recipe for Ginger Leaf Cutout cookies would be a great way to kick off the season!

4. After finding that cookie recipe, it made me wonder: What else can you use cookie cutters for? Of course, Buzzfeed was there for me again with an answer. I love this list of 47 Unexpected Things To Do With Cookie Cutters – how adorable are those brûléed mini cheesecakes?


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