This Week’s Top 4

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope your weekends have been marvelous so far and that you get to enjoy a nice, relaxing Sunday. Last week’s Top 4 was slightly lengthier than usual, since I announced my soon-to-happen move to Massachusetts. I have nothing to announce this week though, so let’s get to the links!

1. Sadly, I don’t have a waffle iron. Maybe that’s why I’m so fascinated by this list of 23 Things You Can Cook In A Waffle Iron from Listotic. Oh, the possibilities! Number 9 kind of freaks me out though.

2. I’ve had caprese on my mind lately, so I was very pleased when I came across this 37 Delicious Ways To Eat Caprese list from Buzzfeed. I think the best part of this may be the “quote” under #37. Too funny!

3. In my opinion, everything is better when it’s made in a jar, so I’m really into this Banana Bread in a Jar tutorial from Intimate Weddings. The author made them as wedding favors, but I think they’d be a fun idea for any gift-giving occasion!

4. And finally, I love this DIY idea for using a painted drawer as a shelf. So cute!


2 thoughts on “This Week’s Top 4

    • Yes, I always appreciate a little creativity, but I think I’ll stick with the classic hot dog. The crab cakes look like they could be fun though!

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