This Week’s Top 5 + Some Announcements

Happy Sunday, everybody! This week, I have 5 special findings to share with you, as opposed to the normal 4 – oh my! Actually, the amount of items I share each week doesn’t matter to me. It has just worked out so far that I end up with 4 pieces I really want to share. Before we get started though, I’d like to talk about a few things regarding this here blog!

You have probably noticed by now that I’ve been making some upgrades. We now have a new layout to gaze at, and I recently created “Recipes” and “Travels” tabs to make the blog a bit easier to navigate. In the “Travels” section, I’ve also added some notes if I feel it is not clear by the name of the place/landmark what the main attraction is. I wanted to make sure that if there are people who are curious about things to see/do in the DC area, they don’t have to guess what each place is while looking through the list.

I hope you like the updates so far, and I’m sure they’re just the first of many to come! I think these updates are coming at an appropriate time since I noticed that my Jamaican Rice post from yesterday was actually my 50th post! I feel like this is the first big milestone for sundaes & salutations, and I couldn’t believe I didn’t realize beforehand it was about to happen. Although I haven’t been at this for too long, I feel like the blog has already grown and changed a lot, and I’m really excited for it to continue to grow. I want to thank everybody who has been reading along so far and making this such an enjoyable experience!

Now without further ado, let’s get to this week’s top 5!

1. Mental Floss fills us in on “44 Fictional Characters Whose Names You Don’t Know.” For example, did you know the Twitter bird’s first name is Larry? Get it? Larry Bird – ha!

2. I’m a big fan of wine and a big fan of cheese, but do I know much about pairing them? No. If you’re like me, you’ll enjoy taking a look through “Wine and Cheese Pairing 101” from The Roasted Root.

3. Summertime has definitely kicked in, meaning people are showing a little more skin. Michelle Phan is using this time to bust “5 Myths About Cellulite” – an interesting read whether or not it’s a concern of yours.

4. Okay, I can’t get over this. Mental Floss again informs us of a new beauty trend Japan is leading: snail facials. I’d love to know – would you be down for a snail facial? I don’t think I could muster up the courage.

5. And finally, BuzzFeed shares “31 Cool Things To Do With The Apple Logo On Your Mac.” I can’t pick a favorite, but #30 is definitely a cool one!


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