This Week’s Top 4

Even though this is only my second roundup post, I’m already really enjoying doing them! It’s nice to share what I find interesting beside the food I make or the local trips I take. I feel like it allows all of you to get to know me a little better by seeing what catches my eye when I’m perusing the interwebs. So here they are: this week’s top four!

1. This “Slacker’s Guide to Wine Tasting” from NPR was far too entertaining to me. I feel like I need to spend a day just smelling things in my kitchen.

2. I’m happy to say that I avoided most of Buzzfeed’s “10 Foods That Became Socially Unacceptable To Eat After College” while I was still a student. I did go through a serious phase with #6 though…and I wouldn’t be ashamed to go back to it!

3. Even though this was published during the cold, holiday season, I’m sure it still applies now. Be a positive gym-goer, and maybe your positivity will spread to the person next to you!

4. And on a related note, NPR again explains (can you tell I like NPR?) how “Gloomy Thinking Can Be Contagious.”


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