S’more of the Week: S’more Dip

Lately I’ve noticed something. Whether I’m looking through blogs, perusing Twitter or checking out some other website, I’ve been seeing a lot of s’mores. I suppose it makes sense since it’s officially summer (wahoo!) and s’mores are practically the mascot food of the season, but I was pretty surprised. People aren’t just making your normal graham cracker + chocolate + marshmallow s’mores anymore. Oh no. They’re making popsicles and pies and cookies and all sorts of wonderful twists on the classic dessert. I took seeing all these variations as a sign: that I am supposed to make them all. Well…not all of them, but I thought it’d be fun to try some out!

And that brings me to my new segment: S’more of the Week. I’m pretty sure you can figure out what that means. I’m not sure when I’ll stop making s’mores…maybe once I can’t stand the sight of them or I’ve gained 30 pounds. We’ll see. So without further ado, let’s make some s’mores!


I thought I’d actually start off with a recipe my  family has been making for a long time – long enough for me to express dismay on multiple occasions that it was not included in the family cookbook and to demand it be included if we make a second edition. When I was but a mere child, my family and I took a cross country trip with my grandparents. We started in Las Vegas and drove around the country in my grandparents’ motor home until we made it back to the East Coast. Along the way, we visited Yellowstone National Park. My mom, sister, and I were eating lunch at one of the restaurants in the park and we ordered the s’more dip, which we had never heard of before. We asked the waiter how it was made and he explained how simple it was: a layer of crushed graham crackers, a layer of hot fudge and a layer of mini marshmallows. And the rest is history.


Seriously, it doesn’t get much easier than this. Just assemble the layers and throw it in the oven until the marshmallows turn golden and your done. All you have to do is sit back and get ready for the complements to roll in.


S’more Dip


  • Graham crackers
  • Hot fudge (1 can is usually good for an 8×8 pan)
  • Mini marshmallows


  • Preheat oven to 350°F.
  • Crush up enough graham crackers to cover the entire bottom of the pan.
  • Heat hot fudge so that it is easily spreadable and pour over the graham cracker layer.
  • Cover the hot fudge layer with mini marshmallows.
  • Place in oven until marshmallows are golden.
  • Break some graham crackers into sticks. Place a few in the s’more dip, and use the rest as extras for dipping!

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