This Week’s Top 4

I love reading other people’s blogs, and I always particularly enjoy link roundups. It’s nice to get suggestions from people on cool/interesting/cute things to read/watch! Therefore, I’ve decided to start doing roundups of my own. Each week, I’ll post a few things here that have caught my interest that hopefully you’ll enjoy as well. There probably won’t be four links every time; it just depends on what I’ve stumbled across that week! And I don’t really care if the content is old or new. As long as it’s interesting, it’s fair game. So without further ado, here are a few Internet findings I’d like to share:

1. “Peanut butter is one of those items that when people love it, they really love it; it borderlines obsession.” You said it, Huffington Post. Now somebody please bring me one of these desserts.

2. Ever wonder why you weigh less in the morning than you do at night? NPR explains.

3. Oh, how I wish Zagat had posted this video on making hot chocolate from scratch during the winter! It looks too easy and delicious though to wait until the colder months to make it, so I might just have to give it a try soon.

4. I seriously can’t get enough of Ray Charles, the blind golden retriever. If you haven’t heard about him, you have to check out his Facebook page. So much cuteness.


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