Weekly Adventure: Eastern Market

Hello, everybody!

So Eastern Market: yet another D.C. staple that I had never experienced until this weekend. I feel like this blog is basically becoming an embarrassing all-the-things-I-should-have-done-in-D.C.-already-but-haven’t confessional. Anyway, I was very excited to go to this weekend because, hey, I like markets, and this is a market, so it’s gonna be awesome! And it WAS! Before I dive in to what I did though, let’s do a little background:

About Eastern Market

Eastern Market was established in 1873 and designed by Adolf Cluss, a German immigrant who designed many buildings in D.C. It is located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood and was seen as a symbol of D.C.’s urbanization, which the city felt pressured to do after the Civil War. During the 1920’s, various factors threatened the market’s existence, including the rise of chain grocery stores. The city tried to close it, but public support prevented the city from doing so. Eastern Market experienced trouble more recently in 2007, when a fire destroyed a great deal of the southern half, but it officially reopened on June 26, 2009. The market is now open Tuesdays through Sundays and also includes a flea market on Sundays.


My Experience at Eastern Market

I must say, I had a ball. So many things to look at! But more importantly – so many things to eat! Boyfriend and I ventured pretty quickly to the South Hall, the indoor portion of the market where you can find lots of food, drinks and flowers. I don’t know if it’s because I’m from New England and have a love for seafood coded in my genetics or if I’m just kind of weird, but I thought it was pretty cool to see all of the fish available for purchase. Some of you will probably find this kind of gross.


Boyfriend and I decided to go the prepared-fish route though, and after splitting perhaps one of the best empanadas I’ve ever had, we got a crab platter from one of the vendors. In a great moment of juxtaposition, a model suddenly emerged and a little photo shoot took place while Boyfriend and I munched on our fried seafood + french fries + various condiments that included mayonnaise somehow.





Outside, there was more food but also lots of clothing, furniture and a slew of other items. Those who know me pretty well are aware of the fact that I have a weird obsession with mason jars, so I was overwhelmed with excitement when I came across this in the flea market:


Boyfriend and I strolled about for a while and were quite pleased with our visit. We’ll definitely be back again soon for some more strolling and munching!

For More About Eastern Market

Since I enjoyed looking at everything so much, I decided to include a few picture-oriented items for your viewing pleasure! Eastern Market also tweets pretty often, mostly with pictures of items you can find there, so take a look. I’ve also included a few more pictures I took – yay!

{produce by the Weekend Farmers’ Line}


{vendors in the South Hall Market}


{local produce and beverages for sale in the South Hall Market}


{art found in the flea market}


4 thoughts on “Weekly Adventure: Eastern Market

  1. I’m a long-time D.C area native and have been “discovering” so many things in D.C lately. For example, I had no idea D.C had a fish market! Anway, I enjoyed this post and look forward to future D.C discoveries!

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