Weekly Adventure: Birthday Edition

Happy Monday, everybody! (But is there really such a thing?)

So as you may have read, I love to travel and I’ve been lucky enough to do a good deal of it recently. Last year, I spent my fall semester in Berlin, and then I took to Rome for the spring. The realization that I could go to all of these countries in Europe for fairly cheap after establishing a home base was incredible to me, so I definitely took advantage of my time abroad and went to as many places as I could.

Of course, now that I’m back in D.C. and in the midst of my senior year, exotic foreign travels aren’t really an option. I realized, however, that although I’ve been in D.C. for a few years, the variety of activities I’ve taken part in and places I’ve gone to is a tad…limited. I always tell people how wonderful of a city D.C. is, but how can I keep saying that if I feel like I haven’t experienced enough of it?

Thus: the Weekly Adventure. Even though I can’t travel abroad, that doesn’t mean I can’t take part in local travels! I’ve made it my goal to do something, go somewhere (basically just get out of the house) at least once a week, and I’ll document my excursions here! I hope to do it all: the tourist-y things and the local things. By the time I leave D.C. (assuming I do relocate at some point), I feel like when I tell people it’s a great city, that statement will mean much more than it does now.

Okay, exposition is done. Let’s get down to business. The theme for this adventure is “Birthday Edition” since, as you know, it was recently my birthday! (I promise I’ll stop talking about it soon.) To celebrate, my boyfriend (who shall henceforth be known by the descriptive name of “Boyfriend”) and I went skating at the National Gallery of Art. Even though Boyfriend has only been skating once, apparently I have harassed him enough to go skating with me that he decided to indulge me on my birthday (I, of course, have no idea what he’s talking about).

I must say, it’s a great cheap outing if you’re ever looking for some winter fun in D.C. It was $10 for each of us with the student discount ($1 off the normal price) plus these snazzy rented skates.IMG_0931So we strapped on our skates, took into account this handy warning,


and got our skate on.


After working up an appetite, we headed to Zorba’s Cafe in DuPont Circle. Since my family is part Greek, I’m always down for some awesome Greek eats, and Zorba’s didn’t let me down!

IMG_0971I sort of can’t even handle looking at this picture because it just makes me want more Zorba’s food. Too.Much.Goodness. Boyfriend and I had a great day, and he even said that he’d like to go skating again (what?!). I’ll sign off here now, since I feel like I monologue-d you to death in the beginning. I just feel like it’s important to explain the thought process behind these segments. So thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you again on Thursday!


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