Happy Birthday!

Hello, and welcome to sundaes & salutations! I’m so happy you’ve decided to stop by and read my first post. I’ve wanted to start a blog for some time now, but I always told myself I was too busy, so I never did. Nothing has really changed in regards to my schedule, but I decided recently that I wasn’t going to use being busy as an excuse anymore and that I would finally start a blog. And what better day to publish my first post than my birthday?

That’s right – it’s my birthday. And now it’s also my blog’s birthday (which is quite convenient since it will make remembering my blog-iversary much easier)! As I mention in my About page, I love to travel and have recently become fonder of cooking and baking, so I decided to create sundaes & salutations as a way to inspire me to grow as a traveler and cooker/baker. I am excited to see how sundaes & salutations will evolve, and I hope you stick around to find out, too. But for now, let’s dive into some vegan birthday cupcakes!

Now, I’m not a vegan (although I did go through a brief vegan stint in high school), but I’m really interested in adding some tasty vegan-friendly treats into my repertoire. And when I came across this recipe for vegan dark chocolate cupcakes, I decided it was the perfect dessert to feature for my inaugural birthday blog post.

I have to say, I was definitely curious to see how these would turn out. Not that I think vegan treats can’t be fantastic – I just haven’t had many of them. They definitely didn’t disappoint, which seems like the obvious outcome in hindsight because really, how could chocolate cupcakes + chocolate frosting disappoint?

vegan dark chocolate cupcakes

Note: Yes, that is a mini cupcake. I somehow missed the fact that the recipe makes 24 cupcakes, so instead of using the same few regular-sized muffin tins over and over, I just decided to whip out the mini tins (…and maybe a donut tin too)! I actually think I like mini cupcakes better – they’re easier to eat, and then you can eat like, 10, and it’s not a problem…right?

Another note: I decided to go with unsweetened almond milk instead of the soy milk for the cupcake batter just because I have way too much almond milk at the moment and it’s gotta go! I also skipped the sifting step, since I have no sifting tools at my disposal. The cupcakes still turned out delicious though!

One final note: I need to learn how to properly frost a cupcake…and how to take awesome pictures. But that’s the beauty of this blog: it’ll be a great motivation for me to learn a lot of new skills!

So let me know in the comments below if you try making these/if you have any other vegan dessert recipes you think I should try out, and make sure you check back again on Saturday for a new post!


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